Wine Making Process

Harvesting is a process where grape machine harvesters remove the grape from the vine by shaking the vine. The grapes are sending to crusher within a short period for achieving the best result.

Firstly, Crushing is a process where grapes are crushing by machine. After that, they go to fermentation process where, red wines are fermented in open, static fermentation vessels to allow greater control of the extraction process. Same time Pressing process took place, the most vital stage in the separation of juice from skins and pips.

Secondly, As the alcoholic fermentation finishes, the wine is racked and the skins are pressed. White wines are ferment in large stainless steel vats with lower temperature compare with red wine

Thirdly, Clarification and stabilization is a process to remove insoluble and suspended materials that may cause a wine to become too cloudy as well as gassy, form unwanted sediment deposit nor tartaric crystals, deteriorate quicker nor develop assorted wine faults due to physical, chemical or microbiological instability

Additionally, We, winemakers takes the decisions which involve blending and style to yield high-quality wines more often in the super premium as well as a luxury by wine tasting. Wine tasting is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. Filling, bottling and labelling are all done by high technology techniques and machines.

Furthermore, Maturation process continues in a bottle to allow its components to mature and a bottle-aged bouquet to form. All of our containers were installed with enviro tuff liners to ensure the quality of the export wines.

Lastly, We deliver it to our customers. Where they like to have a glass of wine to satisfy their buds.