Wine Decanting

The Grapevine win decanter. This beautifully designed decanter will certainly be a favorite with it’s traditional french country styling and it’s high polished marble base. Not only is it beautiful in appearance, it’s form follows it’s function. The Grapevine wine decanter features the same aeration bulb that provides maximum oxygenation as the wine is poured. It’s also strained through the micro filter located just below the wine aerator bulb to ensure all sediment or impurities are removed. Once you experience the fullness of each wine unlocked by our amazing wine decanters you’ll never pour straight from the bottle again.

Why Decant

DECANTING – Getting the best out of a bottle of wine.

Decanting is simply transferring the wine from the bottle to another container in order to remove sediment. It is a practice little understood and practiced properly by few. Decanting, when done in a restaurant, demonstrates to the patron a serious dedication to optimum wine service. When a wine is decanted it invariably attracts the attention of other patrons at neighboring tables. For the restaurateur, this could eventually mean an increase in wine sales. At home it affords a great way for friends and family to increase their enjoyment of a wine.


Many wine drinkers notice that it is only when the bottle is nearly finished that the wine seems to come into its own. The reason is simple. It takes time for a wine to react to contact with air. The swirling of wine in a glass hastens this action. For this reason wine glasses should only be half-filled. It is also why larger wine glasses are preferred.
Having been cooped up in a bottle for any number of years, a wine, especially an older wine, needs an opportunity to open up, to bloom, before it can reveal its fullest flavor and bouquet. Decanting is a method which allows a wine to “breathe”.


Strangely enough, young wines benefit greatly from decanting. The oxygen they contain has actually had little time to take effect. The air in the decanter achieves change rapidly. It means you get more of what you paid for and lets you enjoy literally twice as much bouquet and aroma from the wine. Pouring is slow, continuous and steady. Decanting is not a difficult procedure. Decant and enjoy one of the most impressive phases of wine serving.