How is international wine online different?

The wines available on International Wine Online have all been chosen by Importers who not only import but are winemakers in the countries that they import from and therefore have access to the best quality wines from smaller producers that other importers would never know about. This provides our customers with artisan wines that show the more intricate features of terroir that larger producers cannot replicate due to the commercial volumes that they must produce to supply the world market.

With each importer working as winemakers in their respective countries they have firsthand knowledge of each producer, vineyard and winery. Meticulous trawling of key regions has been undertaken to find the most interesting wines that represent the true nature of the soil, climate and varieties of each region. From premium established producers to young guns who are pushing the limits of winemaking.

By bringing together key importers from some of the world’s greatest and most interesting wine producing countries and regions we provide inside access to a world of niche producers at incredible prices. If you’ve ever wondered where to buy the amazing wines you see and drink on the best wine lists across and the country but have never known where to find them…. You just have.



Michael has worked as a winemaker for Esporao in Portugal for 7 years. Esporoa was named Winery of the Year for 2011, making it 3 times in 10 years. Simply put Esporao are doing better than anyone else in Portugal, with their wineries in the Alentejo and recently the Douro. Michael has also worked in Napa and Australia for wineries such as Oakridge (Yarra Valley) and Mitchelton (Nagambie) “I have handpicked my portfolio from 5 different regions and from producers whose wines represent the very best of the wines from their regions. These wines represent the best value examples of the traditional varieties from their regions. Some of the wines in the portfolio are produced in such small quantities that we are the only company with these wines outside of Portugal”


Gregory spent the last 12 years working in wine production between France, New Zealand and more recently Australia. Greg practised his craft from the Climats and Finages of Burgundy to more technologically oriented vineyards in the southern hemisphere. Brave new talents and more established producers from recognised French regions, are selected with a simple rule in mind: “Drinkability and Value!”Rather than trying to unearth the next best thing since truffle-flavoured popcorn, the portfolio is realistic and centred around wines with enormous potential for the Australian market. In addition, wines that he has produced at Chateau de Citeaux in Meursault are available.


These 3 Australian boys head to Argentina to make wine but have selected a small number of key producers from the best regions to supply the Australian market “Our philosophy is simple: fewer principal brands in our portfolio in order to maintain an intimate understanding of the wines and brands we represent, and fewer buying groups to develop strong, long-term relationships.” “Much of our portfolio is limited release, allowing us to offer exclusive supply as well as offering the flexibility to source specific wine varietals or styles from Argentina”

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