Bundaleer Vineyard

Bundaleer Wines are made exclusively from grapes grown at the Bundaleer Vineyard. Our vineyard is planted on the edge of the Bundaleer Forest, 200 km north of Adelaide in the Southern Flinders Ranges of South Australia. The vineyard is just 70 km north of the famous Clare Valley.

The Bundaleer Vineyard now has 25 acres under vine, with equal plantings of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Shiraz grapes were planted in Dec 1998; the Cabernet grapes were planted in 1999.

Pears, mulberries, oranges, lemons, table grapes and roses were grown in this region, known as Bundaleer Gardens, for the local and Adelaide markets until increasing transport costs from the region meant the industry was no longer viable.

The microclimate of the Bundaleer Gardens is particularly suited to grape growing with cool, wet winters (generally averaging 600mm of rainfall per year) and long sunny days and cool evening breezes throughout summer, providing a longer ripening period. The soils are sandy loam over deep clay.

The vineyard is irrigated via a dam that has been recently built on site.

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