About Wine

Wine, sometimes referred to as the Nectar of the Gods has been used for centuries for various reasons both medicinal and for pleasure.

Wine was used in the battlefields of long ago to soothe frayed nerves of battle-weary soldiers. Wine taken before surgeries helped to anesthetize patients. Wine, almost wiped out during prohibition managed to stay afloat by being offered as sacramental only. Wine considered by those on skid row to be more exotic than the hard stuff

Wine not only has a sedative effect, but it can also stimulate the mind when enjoyed in moderation. Wine enthusiasts meet on a regular basis to discuss the latest bottle of wine sent to them from a wine club. Personal winemaking kits are available for anyone with the time and patience and fruit to make wine.

Thanks to the Internet you can sign up for wine clubs, join a wine enthusiasts mailing list, locate rare vintages and purchase them, post your opinions about your favorite wines and see inside the biggest wineries in the world. You can take online wine courses, enjoy a virtual tour of a vineyard and learn the fine points of how to properly sip wine.

This website is one of many that explores the intricacies of winemaking, looks at the history of wine and then brightly to the future. We hope you enjoy your visit.